Task 1. The empty folder
The task
To propose my own version of Documents empty folder screen.
Problem definition
The screen looks too empty and unfriendly. Also it doesn't offer any further moves to user that also causes frustration.
Current state
The solution
To make this screen less empty and more friendly we can add an icon. The best way i see here is to use current folder icon to keep the app styles. I'll just make it look open and empty.

To offer for users some actions to do in case of sticking in an empty folder we can add a Search button. Also i'll add a message explaining that user could move some files here found with the Search to fill the folder.

Btw i think in search window segmented control inactive tab text should be the same color as active tab. It looks a bit to odd now in black.
A little more friendliness
Example in use
Well it's still not so friendly, search is too complex case to understand and use. Also we can provide much more cases with a power of Documents and its Add-ons. And Cancel button to close menu.
Maybe we will even need to make some global "+" button to add new files in the future.
The result
Task 2. The context menu
The task
To propose my own version of Documents context menu.
Problem definition
Too many elements which take a lot of mind efforts to handle.
Current state
The solution
Current arrangement is a bit hard to scan because of 3 rows and 4 columns.

We can make links easier and faster to scan and reduce the amount of time users need to spend reading menus by making it left-justified and vertical.

Also this pattern will be more familiar for users due to Apple default context menu is vertical. Same as Dropbox, OneDrive, Files, Google Drive, etc.

We'd better keep that cute icons cause they can help users understand the menu options and aid faster comprehension. Also seems we have a lot of users who are accustomed to this icons and that would be easier to maintain current app style.

With vertical menu we will also have enough space to make labels easier to understand. For example we could change the most weird two "Star" and "Color tag" to "Add to starred" and "Add color tag" to make it more relevant to the user tasks definitions.

There is one more problem to handle. In current context menu you don't see to which file or folder it tied. That causes frustration, a problem for users who used to check such sings twice and a case when user can delete something important. Adding the name of file/folder and some additional info should solve this.
It gets too long
Well, it became too long with all the elements we have. First I thought about grouping some of them into submenus but that would require more moves for users and also a chance they wouldn't guess there is hidden links and their purpose.

The shortening of the menu and adding a little scroll with half visible cell should help manage it and also solves the potential problems on smaller screens devices. Also it would be easier to close it.

Changing in this case the menu implementation from UICollectionView to UITableView will make it easier to process the scroll on less powerful devices.

It will also helps average user to take in control with this 6 and a half elements without big mind efforts and Hick's and Miller's Laws would be satisfied.

Of course cells should be arranged according to their relevance. I suppose that share icon should be in visible part for sure but for everything else i need their using statistics and more research.
Well, closing it with swipe down or tap out from menu is not so obvious, so we'd better add Cancel button
The result
Much better
Also there is a bit fantastical edition to add the edit function for cells arrangement so power users will be able to drag this cells in a sequence they like. But it requires tests and research.
Thanks for watching and reading!

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