Marketers have problems with handling too much analytics data from different analytics sources.

Renta helps them with automating marketing data collection and letting them feed this data into any destination they want to further research.
Web —
Usually marketers work with very complex and not user friendly interfaces and one of my goals was to make some minimal and clean interface.

I tried to achieve really intuitive design using familiar patterns and leverage marketers knowledge keeping it as simple as possible.
Renta has 3 core flows like (1) Streaming Google Analytics raw data into data warehouse; (2) Integrations to gathered data automatically and transfer it for analysis in popular business analytics platforms; (3) Rules to work with different integers like UTM parameters.

All of this gathered into few types of cards which i aimed either to contain as less info as it possible keeping it useful and recognizable at the same time.

According to users feedback I managed to do it clean and simple and most of the after-release improvements refered to backend developement.

Renta is trusted by teams from such companies like Microsoft, Yandex and others.