Product Designer
Hi! I'm a dedicated Product designer and my goal is to make great successful products to help people with their day by day tasks. Also I have a great passion to share experience so I speak a lot about design and write articles like these. I like to learn new things and meet new people so find me on Facebook and LinkedIn, or drop me a line by mail.

I have masters and PhD in Economics which helps me to understand business better. I also have strong experience in Project Management which helps me to concentrate on shipping product the right way and to understand the teamwork importance. I'm also strong at optimizing and improving team workflow.

Documents by Readdle
Currently i'm working on Documents app — the best iPhone and iPad file manager in AppStore with over 40 million users.
It is perfect for reading EPUB books, viewing Word and Excel documents, opening zip files, PDFs, images, downloading and playing mp3 and watching movies.
More about Documents
2018 — present
I designed this music streaming platform from scratch in a close collaboration with developers and Product Manager. The service creates an opportunity for unsigned artists to take control over their promotion and get to the playlists of wider audience, and for listeners — to uncover new music.
Renta integrates marketing analytics services with SQL server databases. Data is gathered automatically and available for analysis in popular business analytics platforms.
Few more projects
Still online
Mind Palace
With a team we created a fully functioning WebVR tool prototype for creating, editing and sharing moodboards simply with your smartphone. Our further research and expositions on Lviv IT Arena 2017, Lviv Startup Depot Crash Test #23, GDG Devfest UA 2017 revealed that good times for such VR tools haven't come yet :)
Moy Gorod
"Moy Gorod" is an online crowdfunding and collaboration platform that gets citizens to create and implement projects to make their city more livable.
A charity project helping people to collaborate and deliver clothes, shoes, toys and other necessary things to those who cannot afford them.
Topor news
I was lucky that the client task was "we need a news site" so I could do things right way and ask real users about their interests and needs. I hope that's why it's still alive.
Lectures and courses
I'm lecturing in Projector design-school with two courses: User Experience and Mobile UX/UI. Also i have few lectures and workshops. My students work in such great companies like Readdle, Provectus, KeepSolid, SteelKiwi and many others.
Contact me on Facebook, LinkedIn or by mail.
Oh.. And Telegram.
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